About me

Born as an Aquarian in 1992, I was a kid brimming with questions and that curiosity finally lead to sharing my knowledge and thoughts here. A thinker, foodie, quidnunc, being some of the words that I personify. I finished my schooling in 2009 from Indore (in India), my hometown and then went on to pursue my passion for Physics at Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee.

This blog began with a simple diary entry to compile my emotions and the ups and downs in the five years of my college life. Since then, I am writing on anything and everything that attracts my attention viz. travel, sports, movies, politics, education, women empowerment.

Currently living in France for my Masters in Nuclear fusion, I have picked up Photography as a hobby to express myself in a better way. You can find my virtual presence on Twitter and Instagram. Feel free to critique/comment on my work via any of these platforms. Merci!