Friday, 13 March 2015

INDIA'S new timeline- B.C. Before BBC and A.D. After banning the Documentary.

I had finally found some peace here. I thought the gloomy blogging days were over. But the fateful incident in Delhi on December 2012 has come back to haunt me and the billion more. Who's responsible this time? The people who raped, the people who made the documentary, the idiots starring in it or the victim herself?

Britishers have since long scarred India off it's glory and reputation. Not to be so generalized, I would correct myself to BBC. If you look at the articles BBC has to say about India since Independence, it is nothing but a satire meant to ridicule the people once ruled by the British. I don't even understand why BBC took the pains to travel to India when their country has a bigger problem of per capita rapes and Jihadists operating on their own soil.

Rape is a menace all over the world, but international media has made it a matter of propaganda against India. Yes, awareness is imperative but is it, at the cost of a single nation?

Constant efforts to render India as a banana republic, a nation of peasants and snake charmers. A shitty movie like Slumdog millionaire making it to the Academy awards was plainly unanticipated. Any reason for winning the Oscar? A first world perspective of the dirt and filth of third world. Mocking a country looted for hundreds of years and left in tatters?

But this time, let's own it. Let our heads go down in shame. Let's sit down once again and paint a broader picture of our nation, one viewed from their eyes.
Because defending our country by saying that we have a smaller per capita rape percentage compared to the developed countries is shameless and gross. A rape is a rape whether is happens in India or the west. Countries like USA, France, Australia, UK give explicit instructions to their citizens travelling to India are about rapes of foreign nationals, sexual harassment and the ways to avoid such incidents. 

As an Indian living in Belgium, fraternizing amongst the locals and fellow international students with some beers always ends in lengthy parleys over rapes and the cry over beef consumption in India.
The only glamorous fact they find about India is the TAJ MAHAL!
And Yes, Hindus don't consume beef and Muslims don't consume pork.

March 8, The International Women's Day: Strategic release of the documentary before the big day when the world celebrates womanhood, India was blatantly put to shame.

Why wasn't the film aired until now? And most importantly why was it even aired so late? Are we really interested in the the demoralizing views of defence lawyers for rapists? How does the teacher of the victim know which movie the couple wanted to watch and where was he until now? Why isn't the only witness of the Gangrape featured if the documentary claims itself to be legitimate? And Most importantly, giving such a platform to a convicted rapist for his views is justified?

The answers may differ for every eye going through these questions and I am not debating on who's right or wrong!

Rape will be a problem and will remain a problem as long as we try to cover it up. Are girls any safer on our streets now? Does your sister, mother or daughter feel comfortable going out at night wearing whatever she likes? Have you been abroad? Have you noticed the difference when you talk to girls here? Do you even find so many girls/women on street or in a working atmosphere (even driving a bus, operating a restaurant in India?). One doesn't see seats reserved for women in buses or a full coach reserved in train anywhere except India. Why do we need to provide such special services if we talk about gender equality? Fact is, we are nowhere close to that standard when it comes to safety for women!

I previously talked about Empowering Women - The less privileged gender and Gang rapes - and the failure to stop them. I hope the dust does not settle until we rid of such colossal and cruel acts of insanity against the other half of this world.


Must Read: Recently, a friend of mine introduced me to an article, India’s Daughter and BBC – Belgian Professor speaks out., written by a Professor of India studies at Ghent University, Belgium. I recall meeting him at India platform dinner in the University hall here. Back then, the platform discussed issues on Education, Waste management and problems faced in Europe and India requiring a collective effort to find it's solution. I was elated to learn about his liberalized ideas and philosophies about India as opposed to one German professor who rejected a male applicant citing 'Rape Problem'.

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